Galleria Dallas – Artist Feature: Volta Voloshin-Smith

by Volta
Volta Voloshin-Smith, the artist behind Color Snack.
photo by Kathy Tran

An immigrant from Moldova, Volta Voloshin-Smith celebrates food with art and animation. 

Volta’s fine art pieces range from evocative still lifes that capture nostalgia of a meal shared with family and friends, to playful birds on snacks that celebrate life’s simplest joys. 

Volta is the author of Watercolor Snacks, an instructional book on how to paint various foods with watercolors. She hosts watercolor workshops and does brand activations for corporate clients like Dallas Mavericks, Home Depot, Michaels Stores, Buzzfeed, American Airlines and others. 

Most recently, Volta was one of the first 100 members to be part of LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program, where she created engaging content on topics of creativity, mindfulness and food.

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