by Volta

A Slice of Still Life

Original Watercolor Artworks

Collection by

Volta Voloshin-Smith

Collection Launch on October 8th, at 10am CT

A Slice of Still Life is inspired by the idea of enjoying a moment of stillness over a shared meal. It is a call to celebrate those moments of calm amidst a bustling chaos. It is a return to a moment steeped in flavor and memory, taking us back to that particular meal, with someone we love (including our own company). 

Sharing a meal with someone is much more than sharing food. It is a way to connect with each other, to go deeper in sharing a bond of what makes us human. It is a way to create community and relish in a moment of belonging. 

I couldn’t shake the longing for shared meals with loved ones. So A Slice of Still Life was born.

Collection Launch on October 8th, at 10am CT

Along with creating this collection I found myself rediscovering the magic of stillness in creating the art. All of these pieces were painted during early & still morning hours, away from the distractions of the world.

It was my way of healing my own art practice.

And my highest intention is to translate that healing into these still lifes an share them with you.

Thank you for being here.

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