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Watercolor Snacks Book
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Toucan on a Temaki. Bird Lover Watercolor Painting, Watercolor Toucan, Watercolor Bird Decor, Jungle Bird, Watercolor Temaki, Nature Decor, Tropical Bird

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Dimensions: 8x10 inches on Archival Watercolor Paper. Unframed.

I started this original watercolor painting series during the month of October, for the Birdtober challenge. The premise was to paint a watercolor bird each day of the month. Being a food lover as well as a bird lover, I decided to combine this challenge and create a collection of original watercolor paintings that featured both birds and snacks (or various foods).

The first letter of the name of the bird will match the first letter of the snack or food, for an extra fun element to these whimsical watercolor bird paintings.

This particular watercolor painting is of a Keel Billed Toucan on a Temaki. The watercolor Toucan's name is Ralphie and he's looking for his forever home.

I hope these original watercolor bird and food illustrations bring a smile to your face and cheer up your room or office!

These were created with love in Dallas, Texas.

If you can't find a bird you love, message me and I can create a custom piece of your bird and food of choice.

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