Watercolor Meditation Mobile App

by Volta

Project Details:

Watercolor Meditation App

  • Based on most popular workshop concept
  • Initial concept developed in 2020 during season of high anxiety + stress
  • Art + mindfulness + breathing: helps lower stress levels
  • Studies show that art making, regardless of experience, can help lower stress
  • Studies have shown that deep breathing helps lower stress

Guided visual meditations that combine: breathing exercises + easy mark making.

Proof of Concept: Watercolor Meditation Mobile App

The app user is instructed to take a deep breath in as they draw one circle and take a deep breath out as they draw out another circle with their finger. The guided visual meditation is a figure 8 breathing exercise which combines a sense of touch.

Intended Project Impact:

  • Immersive experience with sight/sound/touch
  • Tap into mindfulness benefits faster than traditional meditation methods
  • Exposure to art and art making lowers stress levels
  • Inspired by MBAT (mindfulness based art therapy) which was shown to decrease stress in cancer patients

Projects Seeks to Address Increasing Stress Levels:

Project Progress:

  • Currently the mobile app is in development and requires additional funding
  • The mobile app was selected to present at the Dallas Mavericks Business Assist Pitch Competition in March 2023






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