5 Easy Exercises for Creative Relaxation

by Volta

Welcome to my 5 day series of creative exercises to feel more relaxed!

These exercises can all be done with a simple pen and paper (but of course, I recommend watercolors for maximum enjoyment).

And before you start, take a few deep breaths with me:

Day 1: Drawing Out Your Breath

This exercise is about combining your breathing with a visual cue. Draw out your breath visually as you inhale, and draw it out as you exhale. If you’re struggling with meditation and focus, this can be a great exercise to try.

Day 2: Doodles Over Watercolor Splatters

You don’t have to be good at art to enjoy the benefits of art making.

Also… What is “good art”? I don’t know and I don’t care. 😁

But what I do care about is how art makes me feel when I engage with it, when I create something that wasn’t there before. And most importantly when it offers a release of getting out of my head and onto the paper.

In this exercise we explore the power of doodles, random shapes and seeing what comes of it. I recommend setting a time for 10 minutes, drawing irregular shapes (if you don’t use watercolors) and then spend most of the time trying to see what other shapes can emerge.

Day 3: Neurographic Art Inspired Doodles

Art making can help you feel more relaxed.

In this exercise we dive into making fun and colorful shapes. It is based on Neurographic arts, a concept and method developed by Pavel Piskarev, who is a psychologist and creative entrepreneur.

So many studies show that an engaging art session can help lower stress levels and I hope this video inspires you to take a few moments to yourself to play with colors.

Day 4: Gratitude Boulders with Watercolors

Gratitude can help rewire your brain and improve your mental health.

This exercise is all about combining gratitude with art making. I was inspired by the 7 Magic Mountains art sculpture of colorful boulders. I invite you to join me in this quick creative experience and think of things you’re grateful for (big or small) as you paint each boulder.

Day 5: Weaving Pattern for Repetition

When was the last time you experienced a state of flow?

Flow is typically characterized by becoming deeply engaged in an activity. It can take on many forms: sports, gardening, writing, and art making among many others.

Flow can also help lower stress levels because it allows our mind to take a break and disconnect from our worries and negative thoughts and instead focus on what’s right in front of us.

Try this simple creative exercise to tap into a flow state by doing a series of repetitive patterns:

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