Try This Surprising Approach for Easy Meditation, Perfect for Beginners

by Volta
Try This Surprising Approach for Easy Meditation, Perfect for Beginners

Hello, sweet friend! In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of calm can seem like a rare treasure. That’s why I’m thrilled to share something incredibly close to my heart—a journey that intertwines the serene art of watercolor with the mindful practice of meditation.

The Essence of Our Latest Podcast Episode:

In the most recent episode of the Calm and Creative podcast, we embarked on a fascinating exploration of how art, specifically watercolor painting, can become a powerful vehicle for mindfulness and stress reduction. Here’s what we delved into:

  • The Power of Mindfulness in Creative Journeys: We discussed the importance of building a resilient mindset for artists and creatives, emphasizing mindfulness and mental health.
  • Personal Reflections on Meditation: I opened up about my own meditation journey, the challenges I faced, and how it led to a profound discovery—the transformative blend of meditation and watercolor art.
  • Watercolor Meditation – A Creative Escape: Inspired by the Zen practice of painting an Enso Circle, we explored how combining breathwork with simple brush strokes can create a meditative state, offering an accessible approach to mindfulness for those who find traditional meditation challenging.
  • The Science Behind Creativity and Calm: We looked into the fascinating brain science that explains why engaging in creative activities like painting can significantly reduce stress levels and enhance our overall mental health.
  • Experiences from Our Workshops: I shared heartwarming insights from conducting watercolor meditation workshops, witnessing the positive impact on stress relief and mindfulness in our participants’ lives.

A Special Invitation Just For You:

As we continue to navigate our paths of creativity and mindfulness, I warmly invite you to deepen your journey with us by joining the Free Creative Wellness Retreat. This retreat is not just an opportunity to learn and practice watercolor techniques but a chance to be part of a community that values creativity as a form of wellness.

Why Join?

  • Connect and Share: Engage with like-minded individuals who are on a similar path of discovering peace through creativity.
  • Learn and Grow: Whether you’re a seasoned artist or new to watercolors, this retreat is designed to offer valuable insights and techniques that cater to all levels.
  • Wellness and Creativity: Discover how simple, mindful art practices can enhance your mental well-being and creative confidence.

Ready to embark on this beautiful journey together? Sign up now by visiting and take the first step towards integrating creativity and calm into your daily life.

Don’t forget to listen to the full episode of the Calm and Creative podcast for a deeper dive into the transformative power of watercolor meditation. Let’s embrace this opportunity to create, connect, and cultivate a sense of calm together.

Your journey towards creative wellness starts here. Join us, sweet friend, and let’s paint our way to peace and mindfulness.

Save the Date!

We start on February 19th and here’s what’s included inside the retreat:

We’ll meet live on Zoom at 1pm PST / 3pm CT / 4pm EST.

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