How To Create Your Own Self Care Kit with Leah Guzman

by Volta
How To Create Your Own Self Care Kit with Leah Guzman

In a recent episode, Volta had an insightful discussion with Leah Guzman.

Together, they delve into the vital role of self-care in the life of a creative individual and how integrating art into self-care practices can have transformative effects.

Leah shares her journey, intertwining her artistic endeavors with her therapeutic work, highlighting how one complements the other. A significant takeaway from the discussion is the emphasis on creating a personal self-care kit – a collection of items that resonate with your senses and help in managing stress.

Moreover, the conversation sheds light on the power of color in art therapy, where different hues can represent and influence our emotional states. For those facing creative blocks, Leah offers sage advice: approach your creative practice with self-compassion and allow yourself time to recharge.

Key takeways:

  1. Leah’s Journey in Art and Art Therapy:
    • The interplay between her artistic practice and her role as an art therapist.
    • Insights into personal self-care practices and how they aid in her professional and creative life.
  2. The Concept of a Creative Self-Care Practice:
    • How to start a creative self-care practice.
    • Tips for integrating creative self-care into daily routines.
  3. Dealing with Creative Blocks:
    • Advice on overcoming creative blocks and the importance of self-compassion in these periods.
  4. Creating a Personal Self-Care Kit:
    • Ideas for what to include in a self-care kit, tailored to personal preferences and needs.
  5. The Power of Color in Art Therapy:
    • The significance of different colors in expressing and managing emotions.
  6. Leah’s Resources:
    • Books by Leah Guzman on art therapy.
    • Leah’s online presence and resources available for creatives.

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