About Color Snack

by Volta

Hi, I’m Volta and I started Color Snack Creative School as a way to share tips, encourage others to live a creative life and give back by supporting local education initiatives.

I believe that creativity is an innate part of all of us, despite our professions or callings in life. As children, we tend to be so fearless – carefree and adventurous. And as adults, we tend to forget the kid-versions of ourselves and what truly makes us happy. That’s where I want to help you, to realize that creativity is an essential part of your well-being and it is incredibly easy to dive into art if only you just let it.

I may not know the answers to a lot of things, but of this I am convinced:


Join me! Let’s be Artists & let’s be Creative!

And let’s fill your sketchbook with something happy-looking!

A little bit about me:

Super thankful to Brett of Total Life Complete for having me on his show and letting me share a bit about my creative journey.

I’m originally from a tiny country, called Moldova and like to think this video perfectly encapsulates my culture:

I am currently based in Dallas, where I live with my husband, Daniel Smith & cat Sal. I mention my husband’s name because it also happens to be the brand name of some of my favorite watercolors. 😀

I work as an independent marketing consultant but have always been involved with art in one way or another, since my childhood. My first foray into art started with obsessively drawing my favorite characters from Sailor Moon. To this day, cats, wings and pretty colors have a special place in my heart.

I love using watercolors the most because of how freeing and liberating they are. And I love sharing my passion for keeping a sketchbook because I can attest myself to how happy this habit has made me. I just know you’ll agree with me if you just give it a try!

I’m your tireless cheerleader and I’m excited to share with you the wonder that is watercolors, sketchbooks and living a creative life.


keep on sketching, my friend!


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