Art, Balance, and Self-Care: How Being Creative Increases Productivity with Sara Glupker

by Volta
Art, Balance, and Self-Care: How Being Creative Increases Productivity

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the “Calm and Creative Podcast,” where we dive into the intertwining worlds of art, mindfulness, and mental resilience. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce a very special guest, Sara Glupker, an accomplished artist with a rich journey spanning 18 years. Her experience in navigating the ebbs and flows of an artist’s life offers invaluable insights into balancing creativity with daily life challenges. From overcoming obstacles to rekindling the creative spark, Sara’s story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the creative spirit. Join us as we explore the depths of artistic passion and the pursuit of a mindful, balanced life.

Key takeaways:

  1. [00:02:09] Overcoming Challenges:
    • Sara shares challenges from art school to balancing family life.
    • Advice on defining ‘bare minimum’ and self-care to avoid burnout.
  2. [00:05:24] Rediscovering Creativity:
    • Tips for reigniting creative spark by exploring different mediums.
    • Significance of self-care activities like painting pottery, pickleball.
  3. [00:07:12] Self-Care and Routine:
    • Emphasis on skincare as self-love.
    • Role of personal care routines in creative mindset maintenance.
  4. [00:09:20] Finding Time for Creativity:
    • Importance of scheduling ‘play time’ for productivity.
    • Personal experiences of fitting creativity into a busy schedule.
  5. [00:19:01] Sara’s Podcast – “I Like Art”:
    • Introduction to Sara’s podcast about art in everyday life.
    • Encouraging creative pursuits regardless of professional background.
  6. [00:21:27] Final Thoughts and Resources:
    • Information about Sara’s studio tour and contact details.
    • Introduction to Sara’s newsletter ‘Sending Flowers’.

Connect with Sara:

Instagram: @saraglupker and @ilikeart.podcast



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