How To Choose Your Word of the Year

by Volta
How to Choose Your Word of the Year

Do you choose a word of the year?

Here’s why it’s such a powerful practice and works better than setting New Year’s resolutions (that rarely work):

🌟 Focus and Clarity: Your Word of the Year acts like a compass, guiding your decisions and keeping your goals in clear view. It’s a simple yet powerful reminder of your aspirations and what you want to focus on.

🌟Motivation Booster: On days when you feel overwhelmed or off-track, your word serves as a motivational anchor, reigniting your passion and drive.

🌟Personal Growth: It’s a one-word mantra that encapsulates your vision for personal development that contributes to your professional development too.

🌟Flexibility and Simplicity: Unlike specific resolutions, a single word is flexible and open to interpretation. It adapts to your life’s changing dynamics, offering support without the pressure or guilt of falling short.

In this episode of the Calm and Creative Podcast, I share my process for finding a Word of the Year (or season). You can do this exercise at any point of the year, whenever you feel like you need some guidance or direction for your actions.

Key takeaways:

  1. The Essence of a Word of the Year:
    • Diving into what it means and how it can shift your focus and intentions for the year.
  2. Reflection and Aspiration:
    • Reflecting on past experiences to inform your choice.
    • Aligning your word with how it makes you FEEL
  3. Selecting Your Word:
    • Tips for finding a word that truly speaks to you.
    • Making your word a cornerstone of your daily life.
  4. Tips on how to keep up with your Word of the year.

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