Watercolor 101 – Pocket Guide

by Volta
watercolor 101 pocket guide

Quickly learn the basics of brushwork, color mixing, and how to create gorgeous watercolor images while on the go!

Designed for artists who are starting out on their watercolor journey or those who just need a quick refresher on the basics, this handy and ultra-portable reference guide helps you create beautiful artwork whether in your studio or out and about

What You’ll Learn Inside Watercolor 101 Pocket Guide

  • Choose the right material including brushes, paper, palettes, and additional tools
  • Learn basic watercolor techniques like wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry, layer, glazing, and textured effects
  • Quickly reference the best way to color mix with a color wheel
  • Master brushstroke techniques including for fine lines and details
  • Apply simple perspective and composition rules
  • Troubleshoot mistakes and learn how to avoid muddy colors and other common issues

Noted watercolor instructor Volta Volshin-Smith demystifies watercolor painting and distills her years of knowledge into this handy guide for all aspiring or expert artists.

About Volta

Volta Voloshin-Smith helps corporate teams and private groups feel calm and connected through creative and meditative workshops. Her signature workshop and online course, Watercolor Meditation, combine breathing techniques with simple brush marks to reduce stress and prevent burnout. 

Originally from Moldova, Volta adds vibrancy to food through illustrations and brings brands to life with live painting and memorable animations. Her clients include Home Depot, Meta, Michaels, and others. 

Author of Watercolor Snacks (2021), Watercolor 101 (2024) and the host of the Calm and Creative podcast, she frequently makes TV appearances to discuss the benefits of art for mental health. 

Volta also specializes in making events memorable through bespoke watercolor live painting of guests and objects.

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