Why Embracing Creative Pursuits in Tight Schedules Can Transform Your Life with Heidi Fiedler

by Volta
Why Embracing Creative Pursuits in Tight Schedules Can Transform Your Life

In a recent episode, Volta had an insightful discussion with Heidi Fiedler, a talented writer, editor, and mother. Heidi shares her profound wisdom on engaging with the creative process, especially for those with time constraints. Let’s explore the key takeaways from their conversation.

Key Takeaways:

  • [00:02:30] The Personal Benefits of Writing: Heidi speaks about her lifelong passion for writing and how it serves as a personal haven, offering control and a space for her own thoughts amidst life’s demands.
  • [00:04:09] Writing as a Tool for Presence and Control: Writing, like sketching, is a way to be more present and gain a sense of control in life. It’s about owning something that’s exclusively yours.
  • [00:05:44] Overcoming Writing Blocks: Heidi suggests that journaling doesn’t have to be a lengthy, heavy process. It can be as simple as jotting down a word or a phrase, making the act of writing more accessible and less daunting.
  • [00:08:12] The ‘Nebula Notebook’ Concept: Heidi introduces the ‘Nebula Notebook’, a unique approach to brainstorming and collecting ideas for a project, emphasizing a free, open, and dreamy process.
  • [00:09:50] Perspective on Morning Pages: While acknowledging the benefits of morning pages for some, Heidi shares her method of dropping into her creative space when time allows, which is more suitable for her busy lifestyle.
  • [00:11:20] Tips for Entering a Creative State: Treating activities like walking or reading as part of the creative process helps Heidi prepare for her writing sessions. She also emphasizes having a clear plan for each writing session.
  • [00:13:18] Avoiding Self-Criticism: Heidi advises against self-criticism for not following certain writing practices or meeting expectations, as it hinders creativity.
  • [00:14:07] Embracing the Creative Process: Working on paper and treating revising as a creative process helps Heidi maintain a playful and open approach to writing.
  • [00:17:02] Finding Joy in Imperfection: Embracing the creative process as an experimental and playful journey helps overcome the resistance of perfectionism.
  • [00:19:34] Simple Creative Practices: Heidi encourages embracing small, manageable creative practices, stressing that even short durations of creativity are meaningful.
  • [00:23:26] Maximizing Limited Time: Heidi talks about how even with limited time, a small creative practice can be deeply fulfilling and meaningful.

This episode of the Calm and Creative Podcast is a treasure trove for anyone looking to integrate creativity into their busy lives. Heidi’s insights provide practical and inspiring ways to engage with our creative selves. For a deeper understanding and more wisdom, I encourage you to listen to the full episode. Let Heidi’s experiences and advice spark your own creative journey.

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