How To Experience Breakthrough Personal Growth through Trauma Healing and Creativity with Nichole Lee

by Volta
How To Experience Breakthrough Personal Growth through Trauma Healing and Creativity with Nichole Lee

Hi, sweet friend! In this episode of the Calm and Creative Podcast, we had the privilege of speaking with Nicole Lee, a trauma-informed healer and life coach. Here’s a summary of our enriching conversation:

  • Introduction to Trauma and Coping: Nichole explains that trauma is any deeply distressing experience that overwhelms our ability to cope, irrespective of its perceived size or severity.
  • Trauma’s Impact on Individuals: We discuss how traumas, big or small, significantly impact individuals’ mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Moving Beyond the ‘Big T, Little T’ Concept: Nichole emphasizes the importance of moving away from labeling traumas as ‘big’ or ‘small.’ She stresses the individualized nature of trauma and its effects.
  • Somatic Processing of Trauma: The conversation delves into how trauma affects not just the mind but also the body. Nichole shares insights into the importance of releasing trauma from the body through physical activities like dancing, yoga, or even shaking.
  • The Power of Intentionality in Healing: Nichole highlights the importance of intentionality in healing practices, such as affirming positive thoughts during physical activities.
  • Self-Empowerment in Therapy and Healing: We explore the significance of feeling empowered in the therapy or healing process, stressing the need for a collaborative and co-creative relationship with therapists or healers.
  • Dealing with the Inner Critic: Nichole offers insights into acknowledging and reframing the inner critic as a protective mechanism, turning it into a tool for personal growth and self-awareness.
  • The Importance of the Right Therapeutic Fit: We touch on the importance of finding a therapist or healer who aligns with your specific needs and the journey towards healing and empowerment.
  • Experimentation and Curiosity in Personal Growth: Nichole encourages an attitude of curiosity and experimentation in personal growth and healing, much like an artist experimenting with different mediums.

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