Watercolor Zentangle – Easy Pattern

by Volta

Happy Color Snack Sunday, friends!

This week’s color snack is how to sketch an easy pattern for a watercolor zentangle! You may have heard of Zentangles before. It’s essentially a way of drawing structured shapes as a way to relax or increase focus. It’s a more structured form of doodling.

I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but wasn’t sure why I never did. Recently, I realized that it was because a typical zentangle is done with a pen or ink marker. While this is awesome because it basically allows you to use any writing utensil at your disposal – what it was lacking for me was color. I am all about colorful things and so I wanted to do my own take on this fabulous creative exercise. It’s fun, happy looking and super relaxing! Give it a go & let me know what you think. 🙂

Happy Sketching!

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Watercolor Zentangle – Easy Pattern – Quick Instructional Video

(Recommended) Watercolor Supplies:

    • watercolors
      • colors used in this tutorial:  Prima Watercolors
    • Artist Tile
    • Water brush
    • Paper towel/towel
    • Your creativity


Let’s get to sketchin’!

How to Sketch an Easy Pattern for Watercolor Zentangle

Step 1. Sketch vertical lines.

Split your square into 4 parts by sketching 4 vertical lines. It’s ok if they’re not perfectly straight or not equally distanced from each other. This exercise isn’t about precision but rather about relaxation and playfulness.

Step 2. Horizontal Lines
Next, sketch your horizontal lines in a similar fashion: 4 lines.

Step 3. Sketch little lines inside your square

Next, fill out every other square with tiny lines inside. Again, it doesn’t matter if the lines aren’t perfectly straight or the actual number you can fit in the square. Feel free to adjust this watercolor zentangle pattern to your own taste.

Step 4. Fill in the rest of the squares
The rest of the squares I am filling up with smaller squares inside each other. You can switch up the color (I am using orange from Prima Watercolors). You can adjust the color scheme as you like.

Step 5. Finish the sketch

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