Watercolor Meditation: Paint a Watercolor Mandala

by Volta

Enjoy this soothing watercolor exercise from my recently launched online class.

Sweet friends,

I hope this post finds you well. I wanted to share a sample exercise from my recently launched class – Watercolor Meditation

This class is all about helping you find a moment of peace and creative relaxation within your hectic day. Times have been strange and difficult for so many, that I wanted to share with you some art exercises, or watercolor meditations, that combine watercolors and mindfulness for a calm and colorful experience. The sample exercises that you can enjoy below is showing you how to paint your very own watercolor mandala. This is my gentle nudge to you to find some time to slow down, take deep breaths, and let your worries be carried away through your meditative and repetitive brush movements. 

There is no right or wrong way of painting these watercolor mandalas. Let your creativity shine as you explore different color combinations and patterns. 

Nurture your inner artist with this relaxing self-care art session.

I cannot wait to see your beautiful watercolor mandala!

And if you’d like to experience my other watercolor meditations, I welcome you to join my class.

Join My Watercolor Meditation Class

Watercolor Mandala


A soothing playlist of sounds to accompany you during your creative break.


Stay creative & inspired,


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Art Supplies Ideas for Your Watercolor Mandala Circle:

    • watercolor paints
    • waterbrush pens
    • watercolor paper
    • Your creativity


watercolor meditation relaxation

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