Sketchbook Tour + How To Wake Up Early With This Morning Routine

by Volta

Wake Up Early With Art (or Anything That Brings You Joy)

Hi sweet friends!

Welcome to my latest sketchbook tour.

Watch the video above and learn all about how I start my day off with art for a happy and fulfilled day.

A few takeaways from the video:

Why I got back into my sketchbook practice

A few months ago I realized that I stepped away from my sketchbook practice when my client work picked up. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities coming my way and I didn’t want that to be an excuse for getting away from my sketchbook practice, which is how my whole art journey essentially began.

So I picked up a sketchbook and started making watercolor sketches based on videos or tutorials I’d watch online. They were classes from Skillshare, Creativebug or Youtube. And I re-discovered the joy of learning something new and sketching along.

Find the one thing that brings you joy, start your day with that.

I always admired early risers. Even though I work from home and have my own schedule, I always wanted to implement this discipline of waking up early and doing something that would help me grow as an individual.

I’ve read tons of books and articles and tried different methods and one of the key things that worked for me was finding the one activity that fills me up with joy just thinking of it. Starting my day by sketching inside my watercolor sketchbook brings happiness into my life. It helps me start off the day on a good note. This way, I can begin my day with a sense of fulfillment and success because I get to dedicate time and self love by keeping a sketchbook.

I want to challenge you to think of an activity that would center you, ground you, and bring you joy. Start your day with that, before anything else, and you’ll see how that joy will spill into everything else you do with the rest of your day.

Budget at least 30 minutes for your morning routine.

Sleep is vital to our health but so is taking the time to create that space of creativity, however you choose to express it.

I would recommend waking up just 30 minutes earlier than your usual time, to budget it in for your morning activity. If you pick something that truly fires you up and gets you excited, you’ll have that desire as an incentive to jump out of your bed & get to that activity.


I hope some of these takeaways help you find your perfect way of starting your day. Maybe it’s with a sketchbook. Maybe it’s with a notebook and a pen. Whatever you choose, I hope you remember to dedicate time to filling up that well.

Stay creative & inspired,



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Art Supplies Ideas for Your Sketchbook:

    • micron pens
    • posca markers
    • tiny sketchbook
    • Alli K’s book for inspiration
    • Your creativity

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