Easy Watercolor Pumpkin – Using Brusho Watercolor Crystals

by Volta

Happy Color Snack Sunday, friends!

The second watercolor pumpkin in my October Pumpkin series is using brusho powders. I’m still obsessing with these because they are such a fun way to unwind with a sketchbook and some colors. All you need is some paper, water and these magic watercolor crystals.

You can also alternate the colors that you use for your watercolor pumpkin. What about trying some greens? Blues and yellows? The possibilities for you to unleash your creativity are endless!

Watch the video below with full instructions on how to sketch this watercolor pumpkin using brusho watercolor crystals.

Happy Sketching!

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Easy Watercolor Pumpkin – Using Brusho Powders – Quick Instructional Video

Watercolor Supplies:

    • brusho watercolor crystals
    • Canson Watercolor paper
    • Water brush
    • Paper towel/towel
    • Your creativity

I hope you give this a try, and if you do, share it & tag me @colorsnack on Instagram so I can admire your work!

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