How to Paint a Watercolor Eggplant – 3 Min Tutorial

by Volta

Happy Color Snack Sunday!

I cannot get enough of this fun I’m having with the wet-on-wet technique. Have you tried it yet?

This week’s tutorial is perfect to practice this skill with a simple shape like an eggplant! I love the different colors you can see in an eggplant – blues, purples, blacks.

Try it out by following the instructions below and let the magic of watercolor unfold before your eyes!

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(Recommended) Watercolor Supplies:

    • watercolors
      • colors used in this tutorial: Prussian Blue, Indigo, Green
    • watercolor paper
    • Water brush
    • Paper towel/towel
    • Your creativity
    • an eggplant for reference


Let’s get to sketchin’!

How to Sketch a Watercolor Eggplant

Step 1. Glaze your watercolor paper.

This can be a little tricky, but with enough practice you will get the hang of it. It is important to make sure that the watercolor paper is properly wet, but not dripping with water. Otherwise it will not create a cool effect, but rather be super drippy. Start by adding a thin layer first and then add more if you feel that it is not properly wet. Alternatively, if you have *too* much water – you can use a paper towel or tissue to soak some of it back up and off the watercolor paper.


Step 2. Start sketching the eggplant shape.

Think of this shape as an oval with an opening at the top. Sketch your shape with purple or indigo watercolor.


Step 3. Fill in the shape.
Start filling in the shape with purple and then keep adding some prussian blue or a dark blue to give your shape dimension. The wet surface of the page will allow for some fun blending to occur naturally as you lay your colors. Don’t forget to leave a little white spot on the left to show the highlight on the eggplant.


Step 4. Clean off your brush and load it up with green color and sketch the stem.


Step 5. Keep adding more light layers of watercolor to your eggplant, until you’re happy with it. With this wet on wet technique, you can also keep going over the edges to enunciate and deepen them if the colors bled too much.


Your eggplant sketch is ready!

Detailed Video Tutorial of Watercolor Eggplant Sketch

You can also check out the full video for this tutorial to see it in action.


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